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Vattenfri biltvätt av Riwax®

Waterless car wash - eco-friendly and time saving vehicle cleaning

When you wash your car with water, you’re hurting the environment.  Not only are you using up the precious resource of H20, but you’re sending dirty, chemical-filled suds down the drain.  

The alternative is Riwax, an eco-friendly, waterless way to wash your car.  Riwax helps the environment, keeps your car super-clean, and saves you time, money, and irritation.  The Riwax waterless car wash system allows you to clean both the body and interior of your car in a few easy steps, 20 minutes from start to finish.

With an easy, waterless spray and three cloths, you take your car from dirty to a glowing shine, all in an eco-friendly way.  This means no harsh soaps, no excess water, less mess, less hassle.  Never drive home from the carwash in damp clothes again!

The reasons for going waterless are:

  • The Riwax spray used with our car wash lifts dirt from your vehicle gently.
  • A waterless car wash saves your car’s finish from streaks.
  • As mentioned above, washing your car the old way is very wasteful in terms of water and the electricity used to pump it.
  • Our Waterless is meant to be used in small quantities - just 300 – 500 ml per passenger car.  It’s an efficient, effective way to clean your car.

What many users find so great about our Riwax Waterless system is that it not only cleans the exterior of your car, but works on this inside as well.  Using our all-in-one cleaner helps you stay away from harsh chemicals that will attack your lungs.

Let’s face it, what helps the environment helps you.  And in this case it’s the other way around - save yourself time and be eco-friendly at the same time!

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4 artiklar

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