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  • As of 12 August 2016
  • 1. The scope and validity of terms and conditions

    1.1 These General Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Terms) governs the relationship between an individual or a legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser) on the one part, and Spring River OÜ, registration number 12055472, address Osmussaare street 10, 13811, Tallinn, Estonia (hereafter the Seller), on the other part, whereas the Purchaser and the Seller shall hereinafter be collectively referred to as the Parties, in terms of ordering goods and services (hereinafter Goods) in the online store https://www.springriver.se/ (hereinafter the e-Store) by entering into a contract of purchase and sale (hereinafter the Sales Contract) in order to purchase Goods in the e-Store.

    1.2 By accepting these Terms, the Purchaser confirms that they have read the terms of the Sales Contract, agree to them and will follow them.

    1.3 The seller shall have the right to modify and amend these Terms with respect to the Goods. Changes to the Terms and price listings shall be displayed in the e-Store of the Seller. Changes and amendments to the Terms shall be effective upon publication thereof in the e-Store. In case of placing an order prior to the entry into force of new Terms, those Terms shall apply which had been in effect at the time of actual order placement, unless provided otherwise by a Law or these requirements.

    1.4 In addition to these Terms, the legal relations arising from the purchase of Goods in the e-Store shall be governed by the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

    1.5 Regarding matters not specifically covered by these Terms the Parties shall be governed by the valid legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

  • 2. Customer support

    2.1 The Customer Service Department of the Seller operates on business days from 09:00 to 17:00.

    2.2 Customer Service is performed in English, Russian and Estonian languages.

  • 3. Purchasing the Goods and placement of orders in the e-Store

    3.1 It is possible to purchase those Goods in the e-Store that have an ‘Add to Cart’ link.

    3.2 The quantity of Goods available for purchase is specified with a time delay and may differ from the actual condition of the Seller’s warehouse.

    3.3 The range of Goods and their prices may be changed without prior notice.

    3.4 All the prices in the e-Store are specified in Euro with VAT applied in the Republic of Estonia included.

    3.5 Subject to availability of a valid registered VAT payer number the Purchaser from any European Union country excluding Republic of Estonia shall be exempt from VAT payment.

    3.6 Placing an order in the e-Store shall not imply entering into a contract of sale. The sale contract is deemed concluded and becomes effective from the receipt of the amount payable according to the confirmation of the order to the bank account of the Seller.

    3.7 Following the moment of order placing the Purchaser shall in no later than within 5 working days perform prepayment in full, failing which results in automatic order cancellation.

    3.8 The Purchaser shall have the right to cancel an unpaid and not delivered order subject by notifying the Seller respectively.

  • 4. Delivery and transfer of Goods

    4.1 The Goods will be delivered to the delivery address entered by the Purchaser in their order. The Purchaser will be notified of the delivery by using the contact data indicated upon the placement of the order.

    4.2 All orders shall be processed within two business days following prepayment receipt at the Seller’s warehouse.

    4.3 Shipping takes between 1 and 10 working days depending on the Purchaser’s location.

    4.4 Delivery is carried out on business days.

    4.5 Shipping costs will be added to the Purchaser’s order and displayed at checkout. Shipping rates contain VAT applied in the Republic of Estonia.

    4.6 In case the price of Goods has changed or the Goods are physically unavailable, wherefore the delivery in term specified in the order proves impossible, the Seller shall notify the Purchaser of the delay using contact information specified in the order. The notice shall either state impossibility of delivery, or propose new terms of delivering the ordered Goods. If the terms proposed shall not be accepted by the Purchaser, the latter shall have the right to cancel the order. In this case, clause 6 hereof shall apply.

  • 5. Recession of the Sales Contract and return of the Goods

    5.1 In case due to any reasons the purchased Goods are deemed not suitable, the Purchaser may recess from the Sales Contract within 14 calendar days following receipt of the Goods.

    5.2 Refunds will only be issued to original form of payment.

    5.3 The returned goods shall not have been in use and shall preserve original packing, documentation, manuals, etc.

    5.4 The Purchaser shall agree to bear the postage costs associated with returning the Goods, except in cases when the returned goods do not match the ordered Goods.

    5.5 Upon termination of the Sales Contract the purchased Goods shall be returned without delay (but not later than in 30 calendar days).

    5.6 Products that are marked as SELL OUT are being offered as a final sale. No returns or exchanges of any kind will be accepted.

    5.7 The Purchase shall send an email to sales@springriver.se with the order number and request to return the Goods and withdraw from the Sales Contract.

    5.8 In the event of withdrawal from the Sales Contract, the Goods can be returned to the Seller’s warehouse the address of which can be found in the e-Store. The Purchase shall bear in mind that the Seller is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

    5.9 Refunds shall be done to the original method of payment used for the Purchaser’s original sales order within 14 business days of package receipt.

  • 6. Cancellation of the Sales Contract

    6.1 The Purchaser is entitled to cancel the order without any extra costs after having paid for it, but before the delivery of the Goods. In order to cancel the Sales Contract, the Purchaser shall send a corresponding notice and the number of the Sales Contract by e-mail to sales@springriver.se. In return the Seller shall send a confirmation on the cancellation of the Sales Contract.

  • 7. Data protection and confidentiality

    7.1 The Seller shall ensure the protection of the Purchaser's data, including their personal data and the use of the date in line with the procedure prescribed by the Privacy Policy. The Purchaser confirms that they have read and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

    7.2 The Seller uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology in the e-Store to provide the Purchaser with the safest, most secure shopping experience possible.

    7.3 The Seller shall respect and protect the Purchaser’s privacy. The Seller will never provide or sell the Purchaser’s personal information to anyone.

  • 8. Liability and dispute resolution

    8.1 The Seller shall be liable to the Purchaser, whereas the Purchaser shall be liable to the Seller for damage caused to the other party by violation of these Terms in cases and to the extent envisaged by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

    8.2 The Seller shall not be liable to the Purchaser for the damage suffered by the Purchaser or delay in delivery of the Goods, provided the damage or delay in delivery is caused by the circumstances the Seller could not have influenced, and the onset of which the Seller did not foresee and could not have foreseen.

    8.3 The disputes arising between the Purchaser and the Seller in relation to orders and purchases shall be resolved through negotiations. Failing to reach agreement, the Parties shall be entitled to apply for protection of their rights either to the Department of Consumer Rights Protection or to Tallinn Municipal Court. While resolving of disputes the Parties shall be governed by the existing legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

  • 9. Validity of the Terms

    9.1 These Seller's e-Store Terms shall be valid as of 12 August 2016.