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Nasiol CleaRub 305 1 kg - heavy cutting compound

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Silicone-free heavy cutting compound aimed at rectifying degraded paint works. CleaRub 305 is also an ideal choice for finishing works on resistant top-coatings.



CleaRub 305 is a cutting compound, which removes heavy scratches (P1500) on the damaged painted bodies of cars and ends up with shiny and smooth surface. CleaRub 305 is the fisrt step of obtaining the maximum efficiency on protection highly provided before nano treatment. ClearRub 305 provide long term paint protection with the earnings of colourful deepbright appearance. CleaRub can be used in all confidence with its silicon free content without any material inside on fresh and soft paint.

  • Easy operation and handling
  • Effective on resitant coatings
  • High smooth level
  • Less polish residue


  1. Surface should be clean and cool.
  2. Choose foam pad for slight to moderate scratches and oxidized surfaces; wool pad for deeper scratches and sanding marks.
  3. Polish the surface using rotary (1400-2000 rpm) or dual action polishine machine (2000-10000 rpm). It is also possible to polish by hand operation.
  4. Polish residue should be buffed with a dry lint-free microfibre cloth.

Do not use with extra-soft / strong pads.

Mer information

Manufacturer Nasiol
Artikelnummer clearub-305
EAN 8680256690211
Weight 1.0800
Dimensions / Volume 1KG / bottle
Country of Manufacture Turkiet


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